Your Child Deserves to Make Educational Progress and Live Their Happiest, Most Fulfilling Life!

I Help Parents Like You Become the CEO of Your Child's IEP

A Step-By-Step Checklist that will guide you in the right direction so you feel more confident & knowledgeable to negotiate all needed & appropriate services for your child.

Help Them Make Progress

As your child’s #1 advocate, you need to take the lead to ensure they get everything  they need throughout their educational journey. 

The question is…

Will you?

Here’s the thing! 

The school district’s manipulative actions can jeopardize your child’s entire future – if you let them! 

So, having your child’s individual needs met isn’t a “nice-to-have”. 



Do you constantly feel ...

Overwhelmed – Knowing that your child is not making progress but you have no idea what exactly is needed; such as appropriate goals, services and accommodations they’re entitled to?

Bullied – Sitting there alone with a table of administrators, teachers and service providers, pushing a plan at you and telling you to sign, even though you KNOW this plan isn’t right for your child?

Angry – Listening to people who don’t know your child the way you do, shut you down at every turn?

Scared – Scared for your child – scared you didn’t fight hard enough, scared you’re failing your child, scared the school doesn’t care for your child the way they should, and scared that your child isn’t getting the opportunity to succeed in life?

If so, you're not alone!

There are thousands of parents out there fighting the IEP battle and trying to get their child what’s needed & appropriate for them in order for them to FINALLY make progress. 

I believe your child should not receive a half-assed education because it is what’s easiest & convenient for the school. It is your child’s right to receive an adequate, appropriate and individualized education. 

Hey there!
I'm Raven Woods

I’m an IEP Advocate, Special Education Consultant, and mom of three AMAZING kids, one who has Autism & Dyslexia. After years of fighting and then finally winning the IEP battle for my daughter Skylar, I’m now dedicated to helping parents, caregivers, teachers and aspiring advocates master the IEP process and set up their child for success.

This site is full of valuable resources to help you change your child’s life and your life as well. Want to know more about my journey of going through 6 and a half years of literal hell to becoming the GO-TO IEP Advocate?



A Step-By-Step Checklist that will guide you in the right direction so you feel more confident & knowledgeable to negotiate all needed & appropriate services for your child.

Imagine walking into your child’s next IEP meeting feeling knowledgeable and confident in becoming the CEO of your child’s IEP, and getting exactly what your child needs to succeed!

Want to know how you can transform your child's life starting today?

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A 6-week course designed to help you understand the entire IEP Process from start to finish and become the CEO of your child’s IEP meeting. Turn the tables at the next IEP meeting and get EVERYTHING your child needs to meet their goals and succeed in school!  As a BONUS this Course comes with the Services, Accommodations, and Modifications Mini Course.

A monthly membership for parents, teachers, caregivers and aspiring advocates who are sick of fighting the IEP battle alone and need ongoing training & personalized advocacy support for wildly successful IEP meetings.

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Imagine walking into your next IEP meeting feeling confident and prepared to get your child all of the services, accommodations, and modifications they need to progress and achieve.


Products & Services

Are you looking for more personalized, hands-on support to develop an appropriate plan for your child’s IEP? Want me to personally review the evaluations/re-evaluations/IEE, IEPs and all provided documentation, and then edit the IEP page by page as needed? Perfect! Click the services button below to know more about how we can work together.

There are so many moving parts when it comes to creating a winning IEP for your child. Have questions about a specific thing? Find out an amazing range of easy-to-understand products to help yourself and your child.

Help your child learn & grow to open up new possibilities
for them

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A Step-By-Step Checklist that will prepare you to walk into your next IEP meeting ready to confidently negotiate all needed & appropriate services for your child.

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