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Hey there, 
I am Raven Woods, the CEO and founder of Autism Mama Rocks the IEP. I help parents gain the knowledge and confidence to become the CEO of their IEP Meeting.

Imagine walking into your child’s next IEP meeting feeling knowledgeable and confident in becoming the CEO of your child’s IEP, and getting exactly what your child needs to succeed!

Seems like a dream, doesn’t it?

I have been there and I GET IT!

I can promise you,

Believe me, I was where you are, feeling overwhelmed, scared, like a failure, and my anxiety was through the roof! I did not know what to do or what else to do.

I felt over and over again that I failed my daughter and couldn’t get her, not only what was needed and appropriate, for her, but what she deserved and had a RIGHT to receive.

Now, I am proud to announce that my daughter's educational needs are being met in the most appropriate way and I recently hit 46 states that I have advocated in.

I have advocated in thousands of IEP meetings, and a vast amount of meditations for over 14 years.

I attended William and Mary Law Schools, Special Education Advocacy Program, hold Master’s degrees in Educational Leadership and Business.

I have extensive training in the Science of Reading, Linda Mood Bell’s Visualizing and Verbalizing, the Orton Gillingham approach, and Behavioral Therapy.

I am an active and contributing member of many National Associations, and my passion is helping children with disabilities receive what is individually needed and appropriate for them in order for them to make progress in lieu of their disabilities.

I am fluent with the games, gaslighting, lies, and more. It is not right, and should not ever be tolerated.

My goal is always the student’s individual needs, to ensure a free appropriate public education, (“FAPE”), is upheld in the educational setting, (virtual or in the school setting).


Raven Woods

IEP Advocate and Special Education Consultant
Whatsapp Link: https://wa.me/message/67VTIIS6OYPDO1
Email: ravenwoods@autismmamarockstheiep.com

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