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Services, Accommodations,
and Modifications
Mini Course

Imagine walking into your next IEP meeting…

Feeling confident and prepared to get your child all of the services,
accommodations, and modifications they need to progress and achieve educational success.

Let me show you how!

mini course layout
  • Learn WHAT you need to know to get your child all the Individual Services, Accommodations, and Modifications they need in order for them to generalize what they have learned across all settings and achieve their highest potential?
  • Beat down the NO’s and the crap proposals of…
    – Push In Services
    – Consultation
    – 1x per month
    – Group Services
  • Extinguish all their copout excuses of…
    – He/She needs to learn to generalize what they learn–(this is before they have the foundation to do so)
    – We do not want to remove him/her from the classroom because he/she may miss out on something
    – Group Services are best because they are able to use what is learned with peers (This is before they have the foundation in order to generalize and communicate/interact with peers
    – Let’s just see how it goes and then we can revisit
  • How to persuade when issues and opposition occur

Are you feeling helpless, not knowing how to advocate for your child in the very best way possible?

Overwhelmed and Frustrated with the school and their constant denial of what your child needs?

I totally get it!

IEP Meetings can be SO frustrating!

To give you the foundation and tools, plus the knowledge and confidence, to grow, and become the CEO of your child’s IEP Meeting!

I used to feel that I was failing my daughter because I could not figure out how to persuade the school team to give her more Services, Accommodations, and Modifications even though I knew she needed it with every part of my being.

This is what she needs! I would think to myself. Why won’t they just listen to me?

It is your child’s Civil Right to be provided all the individualized and needed Services, Accommodations, and Modifications.

As a determined mama and six and a half years of trial and error, I learned how to master the IEP process, that includes obtaining all the appropriate Services, Accommodations, and Modifications. I only wasted six and a half years learning it.

I now support parents in gaining the knowledge and confidence to become the CEO of their IEP Meeting and get their child what they deserve..

I have figured out the key elements in getting your child what they need and putting a stop to all the frustration and overwhelm that goes along with the IEP process.

Let me help guide you in mastering this part of the IEP Process and obtaining the right Services, Accommodations, and Modifications.

Together we will eliminate all the frustration and overwhelm that takes over our bodies and becomes our worst enemy.

It is crucial you learn the key elements to this process sooner rather than later, so that your child can get what is individually needed and appropriate for them to make progress and have educational success.

Are you ready to:

Here’s what you’ll learn, broken down step-by-step so it’s easy to understand:

IMG 2809 1 scaled

Hey there!

I am Raven Woods, the CEO and founder of Autism Mama Rocks the IEP. I help parents gain the knowledge and confidence to become the CEO of their IEP Meeting.

Imagine walking into your child’s next IEP meeting feeling knowledgeable and confident in becoming the CEO of your child’s IEP, and getting exactly what your child needs to succeed!

Seems like a dream, doesn’t it?

I have been there and I GET IT!

I can promise you,
Believe me, I was where you are, feeling overwhelmed, scared, like a failure, and my anxiety was through the roof! I did not know what to do or what else to do.

I felt over and over again that I failed my daughter and couldn’t get her, not only what was needed and appropriate, for her, but what she deserved and had a RIGHT to receive.

Now, I am proud to announce that my daughter’s educational needs are being met in the most appropriate way and I recently hit 46 states that I have advocated in.
I have advocated in thousands of IEP meetings, and a vast amount of meditations for over 14 years.

I hold a certificate in Special Education Advocacy from William and Mary Law School, and hold Master’s degrees in Educational Leadership and Business.

I have extensive training in the Science of Reading, Linda Mood Bell’s Visualizing and Verbalizing, the Orton Gillingham approach, and Behavioral Therapy.

I am an active and contributing member of many National Associations, and my passion is helping children with disabilities receive what is individually needed and appropriate for them in order for them to make progress in lieu of their disabilities.

I am fluent with the games, gaslighting, lies, and more. It is not right, and should not ever be tolerated.

My goal is always the student’s individual needs, to ensure a free appropriate public education, (“FAPE”), is upheld in the educational setting, (virtual or in the school setting).


Raven Woods
IEP Advocate and Special Education Consultant

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