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Unlock Your Child's Potential with the IEP Black Friday Special + Bonus Resources Bundle!

As parents, we understand the unique challenges that come with raising a child with disabilities. That’s why we’re here to offer you a fantastic opportunity to impact your child’s life positively.

Introducing the IEP Black Friday Special + Bonus Resources Bundle! This exclusive package is designed to provide the tools and support you need to navigate the world of Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and ensure your child has every opportunity to thrive.

We believe every child deserves a fulfilling and happy life, regardless of their abilities. That’s why we’ve curated a bundle of resources that will help you advocate for your child, understand their rights, and effectively communicate with their educators and other professionals.

By taking advantage of the IEP Black Friday Special, you'll gain access to invaluable resources, including:

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to unlock your child’s potential. With the IEP Black Friday Special + Bonus Resources Bundle, you’ll have the knowledge and support you need to ensure your child receives the best possible education and opportunities in life.

Join us in making a difference for your child. Get the IEP Black Friday Special + Bonus Resources Bundle today!

Rock the IEP™, the Signature Course
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Discover how our specialized resources and expertise can help you confidently navigate the complex world of Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). With our compassionate guidance, you’ll be equipped to advocate for your child’s needs and secure the best educational opportunities for their bright future.

DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS LIMITED-TIME OFFER! Take advantage of the IEP Black Friday Special and gain access to a wealth of invaluable resources to empower your child’s success.

Together, we can make a difference in their journey. Grab your bundle now and embark on a path towards a brighter future!

Payment plan available.

So, what’s stopping you from making this the best school year yet?

It’s never too late!

Imagine having the power to confidently advocate for your child's education, knowing their rights, and never backing down in the face of challenges.

With Rock the IEP™, you can make this dream a reality. Our signature course is designed to equip you with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to become the CEO of your child’s IEP meeting.

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Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to educational success for your child. It's time to take control and make things happen.

Unlock your potential as a parent and advocate with our comprehensive 6-week course. Gain the knowledge and confidence to navigate the entire IEP process and take charge of your child’s educational journey.

Your child’s disability should never hinder their right to a quality education. We believe in fully supporting the impact of their disability, no matter what challenges may arise.

As a parent, it’s natural to have worries and anxieties about your child’s education. With our course, you’ll find answers to questions such as:

Empower yourself and set your mind at ease by enrolling in our course today. You'll become the advocate your child deserves, ensuring they receive the education they deserve.

I know you want what is best for your child, and I know how hard it is to sit through an IEP meeting, worried that you are failing your child in some way. Get your hands on the resources bundle that can help you and help you alongside the Rock the IEP Course to become the CEO of your child’s IEP meeting!
  • Ensure your child has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) that caters to their unique needs and defines the path to academic success.
  • Acting as a map for their education, this plan should address their requirements and outline everything they need to achieve their goals.

Crucially, their Present Levels of Academic Achievement and Performance (PLAAFP) must accurately reflect their current abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and needs. With this accuracy, the entire IEP becomes adequate.

As a parent, you know your child best and understand what they need to thrive. It is essential to collaborate with the school to design a plan that sets your child up for success. However, it is unfortunate that the reality often differs. The school team and administration may only sometimes act as your partners, instead positioning themselves as experts on your child and dismissing your input.

But fear not! We are here to support you on this journey, giving you the knowledge and compassion, you need.

Are you ready to become an empowered and knowledgeable advocate for your child's education?

With our guidance, you can confidently take control of your child’s IEP meeting and make sure they are set up for success. 

Let’s work together to unlock their highest potential. Take this incredible step today and see its positive impact on their educational journey.

It’s time to…

Master the IEP with our exclusive Black Friday Special!

Unlock the secrets of IEP success with our highly valued course worth over $997. You can snag this invaluable resource for just $347 for a limited time. 

Take advantage of this incredible deal that will empower you to confidently navigate the IEP process and advocate for your child’s needs. Grab it now and transform your child’s education journey.

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Pay in Full

$ 347 One-time payment
  • Mini Course FREE Add-On!
  • BONUS - Resources Bundle
  • In-Depth Planning Workbook
  • Community Access
  • Monthly Zoom Conferences
  • Access to Documents and Templates

Pay in Instalments

$ 97 4 payments of $97
  • Mini Course FREE Add-On!
  • BONUS - Resources Bundle
  • In-Depth Planning Workbook
  • Community Access
  • Monthly Zoom Conferences
  • Access to Documents and Templates

Here's how we're going to do it:

However, by choosing Rock the IEP, you’re gaining resources and stepping into a dynamic, supportive community. Here, you’ll connect with fellow parents and me, sharing experiences and insights and forming meaningful relationships. This isn’t just about guidance; it’s about belonging to a group that truly understands and supports your journey.
  • Get access to an array of documents on the IEP process, including emails, FERPA requests, FOIA requests, and more.
  • Each week, learn a new topic relevant to the IEP process from planning to implementation.
  • Access resources provided in a compassionate, knowledgeable, and supportive environment.
Discover my foolproof system for mastering the IEP process and transforming your career in special education. Learn from my journey of trial and error, educational training, and unwavering determination as a dedicated mother who never gave up. Say goodbye to the stress and anxiety of endless online searches and ineffective information. With “Rock the IEP, The Course™,” you’ll save precious time and gain the knowledge and strategies needed to excel in IEP meetings.

Don’t let fear hold you back. Take immediate action and make a real impact on your child’s education. The clock is ticking, and every moment counts. I’ve crafted a unique and proven system, the PPPN™, that includes the Hunt and Gather technique.  It will revolutionize your approach to IEP meetings and ensure your child’s needs are met effectively.

I’ve already made the mistakes, so you don’t have to. Let me guide you through the process, providing simple and digestible information every step of the way. Together, we can make a difference in your child’s future.

I will be there every step of the way.

During this exclusive Black Friday Special, when you invest in my renowned course, Rock the IEP™, you’ll receive an incredible bonus! 

I’m thrilled to offer you the Services, Accommodations, and Modifications Mini-Course completely FREE. But that’s not all! I also want to equip you with my Resources Bundle, a treasure trove of helpful PDFs and customizable templates you can use immediately. 

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to enhance your knowledge and support your loved ones.

How did I learn to do this, you ask?

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#1. Trial and Error.
#2. Educational Training.
#3. Being a determined mama who never gave up — PERSISTENT!
#4. Not allowing fear to control me so that I could take immediate action.

My unique and proven system, the (“PPPN”), that includes the Hunt and Gather, will change your IEP career forever!

Rock the IEP, The Course®, will save you HOURS of the stress and anxiety you get from searching, and searching online as you try and navigate the IEP process and gather as much information as possible, that does nothing in teaching you HOW to go into the IEP meeting and use the information you are researching and how is can be related and proven in your particular case.

Do not waste time because if there’s a gap and your child is behind, there is only a certain window before catching up could be too late. I wasted six and a half years! Do not make the same mistake that I did. I’ve done the work for you and have presented it in a way that is simple to understand and easy to digest.

I will be there every step of the way.

When you purchase my signature course, Rock the IEP™, during this Black Friday Special, as a BONUS you'll not only get Services, Accommodations, and Modifications Mini Course FREE, you will also receive the Resources Bundle!

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