Rock the IEP™, the Signature Course
A 6-week course designed to help you understand the entire IEP Process from start to finish and become the CEO of your child’s IEP meeting.
Parents of children with disabilities face numerous challenges that most parents don’t even think about. But all parents want the same things for their children - to ensure they have every opportunity to live a fulfilling, happy life!  
 What if you could know your rights, and your child’s rights, so you can step into the role of becoming the CEO of your child’s IEP meeting? 
 What if you had the knowledge and confidence to stand up and advocate for your child's education and have the gusto to never back down or be afraid of their actionless threats? 
 What if you could get your child everything needed and appropriate for them to have educational success? Including all the appropriate Services, Accommodations, and Modifications 
Seems like a dream, doesn’t it?

It’s time to make it happen!

That is why I created,
Rock the IEP™, the Signature Course
To give you the foundation and tools, plus the knowledge and confidence, to grow, and become the CEO of your child's IEP Meeting!
A 6-week, 14 lesson, comprehensive course designed to empower you in understanding the entire IEP Process, and to become knowledgeable and confident in becoming the CEO of your child’s IEP meeting.

Your child’s disability(s) should NOT stand in the way of the education they deserve, (“FAPE”), and their IMPACT of disability(s) should be fully supported no matter what.
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Every parent gets worries and anxieties when it's time to send their child off to school and when they are already in school - especially when they have a disability.
- Will they make friends?
- Will they like their teachers?
- Are they in the right classroom?
- Do they receive one-on-one attention?
- Are they receiving all of the right services, accommodations, and modifications needed?
- Are they safe?

- Is their IEP being followed with Fidelity?
- Is their behavior intervention plan, (“BIP”), if they have one, being implemented?
- And so much more

Your child should have an Individualized Education Plan, (“IEP”), that acts as a map for their education, addressing their unique and individual needs, and laying out everything they need to make progress toward their goals and have academic success.

-- Meaning, they are Making Progress!

In order to do this, their Present Levels of Academic Achievement and Performance, (“PLAAFP”), MUST be on point and state all of your child’s most recent full formal evaluations, their strengths, and with weaknesses, (needs). It must be explicitly accurate and ON POINT, if not, nothing in the IEP is accurate, making your child’s IEP inadequate.

You know your child best and what they need to thrive! That means you and the school should come together as a team to design that map that sets them up for success!

But the reality is often much different…The school team and administration do not act many times as a partner with you, in-fact, they will claim they are the experts on your child and disregard what you have to say. Almost like they're acting as an enemy!

Too often, the school...

Will not do all of the appropriate formal assessments that are needed for your child in order for the whole team, and this includes you, to know exactly where your child’s present levels are, (strengths/weaknesses/needs), and then they will mislead you when reviewing the assessment results, making you believe things are “average” when in-fact they are not. In-fact, they are known to use trickery in leading you to believe that they are average, when you know better.
Is more concerned with cutting costs and staffing than providing the appropriate services.
Is more concerned with generalizing and taking your child out of class (saying they will miss something), and then offering “push in services,” in exchange for the much needed individual, 1:1, services your child desperately needs in order for your child to have the proper foundation in order to generalize.
Agrees to specific educational supports and services only to fail to provide them.
Will pressure you to sign an IEP by creating a sense of urgency, creating ultimatums, and creating fear within you to sign something that you aren't comfortable with or understand.
Will not provide the right learning environment for your child.
This leaves you dreading IEP meetings because you…
Do not fully understand the laws or what you and your child’s rights are;
Do not know exactly what your child is entitled to receive, keep being told no and do not know how to fight back, or being told, “we do not do that here”;
Do not feel confident to speak up on your child’s behalf or how to say what you need and want to say in order to get results because you feel intimidated, bullied, overpowered, rushed, and nervous; 
Do not know how to hold the school accountable
The good news is you can turn the tables at the next IEP meeting and get EVERYTHING your child needs to meet their goals and succeed in school!

Knowing the flow in which things should happen and all the above, will set your child up for nothing but success!
Think about what an ideal school year you finally feel knowledgeable and confident that …
Your child receives all the services, accommodations and modifications that they need
Your child's IEP accurately expresses your child’s recent assessments, unique strengths and challenges in the present levels
Your child’s goals are written appropriately in the IEP and are Specific, Measurable, Appropriate, Realistic, and Time-Limited, (“SMART”)
Your child is in the appropriate classroom that either includes full integration or partial integration specific to their needs and abilities
Your child’s accommodations in place are designed to support your child in order for them to succeed
You not having to worry about unfair or inappropriate discipline;
You receive progress reports that are supported with physical data, written work, and tests/quizzes
Most of all, imagine how your child will feel when they thrive academically, are set up for success and make consistent progress that will put them on the right path.

So, what’s stopping you from making this the best school year yet?

 It is never too late! 
Is your inner voice telling you:
“The school staff are the experts.”

“I don’t want to be seen as a troublemaker.”

“If I fight for my child, they may be treated differently, or it may make things harder for them or other children you may have in the school district.”

“The school probably doesn’t have the resources to give my child what they need.”

“I don’t know where to start looking for information about my rights and my child’s rights and even if I did, I do not know how to properly advocate in the IEP meeting.”

"I don’t want to fail my child."
I know you want what is best for your child, and I know how hard it is to sit through an IEP meeting, worried that you are failing your child in some way. 
Are you READY to feel Knowledgeable and confident to become the CEO of your child’s IEP meeting?
What if I said, I will teach you my unique and proven PPPN® system, Plan/Prepare, Present, Persuade, and Negotiate?
What if I said, I give you a step by step plan of action in order to get things done in order for you to Rock your Child’s IEP?
What if I said, you could learn exactly what you need to know to get all the educational services, accommodations, and modifications that your child needs?
It’s time to become the best advocate for your child’s education and do everything needed to ensure they reach their highest potential!

If you’re ready for your child’s IEP to be “ON POINT,” take this incredible step today.
It’s time to ROCK THE IEP!
The course is valued at over $997, but you will be able to grab it now for only $497!

>> Pay in Full and get the Services, Accommodations, and Modifications Mini Course FREE!!
 Here's how we're going to do it: 
You will get an introductory video that goes over the whole course.
An extensive and comprehensive In-Depth Planning Workbook with notes sections, key points to remember, outlines, and even homework so you can truly Rock the IEP!
Weekly Modules that include a total of 14 lessons that will give you comprehensive learning tools and a step-by-step guided training so you’ll have total clarity in order to implement what you have learned right away regarding Federal and State laws, your rights, and your child’s rights.
Me, Raven Woods, guiding you through everything needed in order for you to truly understand the IEP process so you can go from overwhelmed, frustrated, and scared, to knowledgeable, confident and ready to take charge!
Community – Being a parent of a disabled child can be isolating. When you purchase Rock the IEP, The Course, you not only receive the Services, Accommodations, and Modifications course and Present Levels & Goals Mastery course absolutely FREE! You will also receive access to my membership site for ONE month FREE!

The membership site will give you 3-hours of face to face zoom conferences with me. The first 1.5 hours will be on Content and then a Q/A. The second 1.5 hours will be your opportunity to be in the “hot seat” where I will personally go over and edit your recent evaluations, progress reports, PWNs and IEP!! A complete makeover and a $636.00 value, yours FREE in the membership site.
You will have access to all of my documents that I use. This includes but is not limited to, how to write emails, email examples, my in-depth FERPA request, a FOIA request, common responses to emails the districts send you, documents on what mediation is, and so much more, I cannot even name it all.
Each week in the course, we’re going to cover a new topic to empower you to tackle every part of the IEP process, from planning to the meeting, to the implementation!
 Week One: 
Where Do I Start? 
We will start at the beginning, from the moment you identify that your child may require special education and services. We'll map out the journey of getting evaluations, getting the diagnosis, and determining eligibility for services such as counseling, therapy, transportation services, and more.
 Week Two: 
The IEP Prep 
I’ll go over who should be at your IEP by law, how to schedule your first IEP, and how to prepare for the IEP meeting in DETAIL, including how to create behavior strategies and support plans. 
 Week Three: 
The IEP Meeting and After 
This week covers the IEP meeting and aftermath, including what to expect in the meeting, how to communicate effectively, and what to do if you don’t agree with the IEP plan. This training will also include how an IEP should be carried out and how to maintain communication with the school and become the CEO your child needs.
 Week Four: 
Re-Doing an IEP 
If you disagree with a decision made in the first or any IEP, you will request another that day, and have a re-do to try and reach an agreement. We’ll cover how to prepare for a secondary IEP and how you can get the results your child needs.
 Week Five: 
Another IEP! 
IEPs are a yearly event (at least!). I educate you to NEVER have just one IEP meeting and why. Once you’ve had one, it should be smooth sailing, right? Not quite! We’ll cover how to stay calm, get prepared, and rock another IEP!
 Week Six: 
Touching Base 
During the final module, I'll touch base on common issues, explain how to ensure progress is measured and reported to you, and how to handle the problems through the coming years.
How did I learn to do this, you ask?
#1. Trial and Error.
#2. Educational Training.
#3. Being a determined mama who never gave up -- PERSISTENT!
#4. Not allowing fear to control me so that I could take immediate action.

My unique and proven system, the (“PPPN”), that includes the Hunt and Gather, will change your IEP career forever!

Rock the IEP, The Course®, will save you HOURS of the stress and anxiety you get from searching, and searching online as you try and navigate the IEP process and gather as much information as possible, that does nothing in teaching you HOW to go into the IEP meeting and use the information you are researching and how is can be related and proven in your particular case.

Do not waste time because if there's a gap and your child is behind, there is only a certain window before catching up could be too late. I wasted six and a half years! Do not make the same mistake that I did. I’ve done the work for you and have presented it in a way that is simple to understand and easy to digest.

I will be there every step of the way.
When you purchase my signature course, Rock the IEP™, as a BONUS you'll get Services, Accommodations, and Modifications Mini Course FREE!
 About Your Coach 
Hey there!

I am Raven Woods, the CEO and founder of Autism Mama Rocks the IEP. I help parents gain the knowledge and confidence to become the CEO of their IEP Meeting.

Imagine walking into your child’s next IEP meeting feeling knowledgeable and confident in becoming the CEO of your child’s IEP, and getting exactly what your child needs to succeed!

Seems like a dream, doesn’t it?

I have been there and I GET IT!

I can promise you,

Believe me, I was where you are, feeling overwhelmed, scared, like a failure, and my anxiety was through the roof! I did not know what to do or what else to do.

I felt over and over again that I failed my daughter and couldn’t get her, not only what was needed and appropriate, for her, but what she deserved and had a RIGHT to receive.

Now, I am proud to announce that my daughter's educational needs are being met in the most appropriate way and I recently hit 46 states that I have advocated in.

I have advocated in thousands of IEP meetings, and a vast amount of meditations for over 14 years.

I attended William and Mary Law Schools, Special Education Advocacy Program, hold Master’s degrees in Educational Leadership and Business.

I have extensive training in the Science of Reading, Linda Mood Bell’s Visualizing and Verbalizing, the Orton Gillingham approach, and Behavioral Therapy.

I am an active and contributing member of many National Associations, and my passion is helping children with disabilities receive what is individually needed and appropriate for them in order for them to make progress in lieu of their disabilities.

I am fluent with the games, gaslighting, lies, and more. It is not right, and should not ever be tolerated.

My goal is always the student’s individual needs, to ensure a free appropriate public education, (“FAPE”), is upheld in the educational setting, (virtual or in the school setting).


Raven Woods

IEP Advocate and Special Education Consultant
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